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Board Members

Chairman of Board: Beth Genengels

President: John Tulipano

Vice-President: Peggy Sue Seehafer

Secretary: Kathryn Northcott 

Treasurer: Carrie White

Speaker Chair: Megan Drane and Brandi Orlando

Photographic Image Competition Chair: Bruce Van Pelt

Host Chair: Laura Dajoraite

Membership Chair: Kerri Weiss

Technology Chair: Alejandro Mimo

Member Benefits

Members only programs

Exceptional Education from the nations finest photographic educators

Network of active professionals in the industry offering guidance and support

Print Competition to aid your growth as an artist

Discounts with photographic retailers

Scholarship programs to fund further photographic excellence

IUSA Schloarship

PPA Membership Schloarship

Degree Program

The Northern Degree Program recognizes exemplary PPANI members on an individual basis. These members have:

  • Given freely of their time and talents in service to the association and its members.
  • Shared their knowledge of photography continuously with other Northern members and the profession by delivering seminar programs and writing educational articles for the Northern Hi-Lites publication.
  • Exhibited professional and technical proficiency through continued education, photographic competitions at the association, state and national levels, and in earning PPA Degrees.

The Northern Degree Program will confer degrees on three different levels. See the point catagories.

  • Service Degree (Bronze) – Awarded to the spouse of an active member, or any non-photographer employees of an Active Voting Member, and Sustaining Members providing the individual accumulates 35 points from point categories 1, 2, 3, 7 and 16 as noted below. Points for this degree can be earned from these point categories only.
  • Associate Degree (Silver) – Awarded to any member who accumulates 50 points from any of the point categories listed below, or a combination thereof.
  • Fellowship Degree (Gold) – Awarded to any Active Voting Member who accumulates 75 points from any of the point categories listed below, or a combination thereof. A minimum of 30 points must be for “hanging” print in competition as described in point category 9.
  • Plus 50 Bars – After earning one of the above degrees, degree holders may earn additional points toward ‘Plus 50’ bars, showing continued service to the association and the profession. One gold bar will be awarded for each additional 50 points earned.

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