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May Print competition results

31 May 2020 1:29 PM | John Tulipano (Administrator)


May 13, 2020      Digital Image Competition

      We had 100 entries from 15 makers. The breakdown is as follows:

37 Portraits

            39 Illustrative

            5 Wedding

            3 Commercial

            3 Creative Open

            13 Artist

            7 B&W from the above categories.

The judges discussed many of the images as Challenges. This is where we learn the most from the judges’ opinions.

We had 36 that scored 80 or above (President’s Award) 36%.

We had 5 that scored 85 – 89, and 2 scored 90 - 95.

I want to thank John Tulipano for running the whole online session and to Michael Novo for helping with the sorting process.

Thanks to the judges. They were Robert Hawkins (Iowa), Thom Rouse and Michael Barton.


Bruce Van Pelt, Chairman


Best of Show

“Shy” by Laura Dajoraite

Best Black & White

“What’s to Come” by Carrie White

Best Artist

“A Barred Owl” by Peggy Sue Seehafer

Runner’s Up

“The Lion King” by Peggy Sue Seehafer

“Ancient Breed, Contemporary Companion” by Peggy Sue Seehafer

Best Portrait

“Shy” by Laura Dajoraite

Runner’s Up

“Best Friends” by Peggy Sue Seehafer

“Mulan Rouge” by Scott Detweiler

“Fallen Beauty” by Scott Detweiler

Best Illustrative

“Grace” by Sonya Gilbert

Runner’s Up

“Toy Antoinette” by Scott Detweiler

“English Old Master Hunter” by Peggy Sue Seehafer

Best Wedding

“Iron Embrace” by Michael Novo

Runner’s Up

“What’s to Come” by Carrie White

“Last Dance” by Michael Novo

Best Commercial

“Cloudgate” by Michael Novo

Runner’s Up

“Quiet Reflection” by Erica Watson

 Best Creative Open

“Enchanted Twilight Ride” by Brandi Orlando

BVP 5/13/2020

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